Tech stack

I'm a product generalist so I had the chance to work with a bunch of tools. I end up using a lot of them in tandem, in my everyday life too (I'll continue to list them as I recall).

I've not listed tools which I've not tweaked frequently or from which I've not generated a tangible artifact.


  • Figma - My bread and butter. My go-to for core hands-on UX and visual design work, and to collaborate with other designers/PMs, researchers, engineers, testers, and marketers.
  • Principal - For more fine-tuned animation work.
  • Adobe After Effects - Still the only reliable tool in the market to make and export Lottie animations. Which is unfortunate because Lottie came out in 2017 as an "open-source" library.
  • Invision Studio,, MarvelApp - Used on and off to design interactive and high fidelity UI prototypes, depending on what my team at the time is comfortable with.


  • Rasa - Best in the business for building conversational AI agents.
  • React, GatsbyJS - For front-end web development that requires more intricate and involved work. Also gets me closer to how dev teams build products.
  • Python 3.x, NodeJS - For general scripting, ML/NLP-related work, data cleanup, and manipulation.
  • Postman - For testing Rest API calls.
  • graphQL - Used graphQL APIs to retrieve content for this website, and would love to learn more.
  • styled-components - Preferred library to work with CSS-in-JS paradigms for web apps. CSS-in-JS is something I stuck with early on for my portfolio, but I'd like to try other ways of organizing styles and design systems in complex web apps.
  • FontAwesome - For icon fonts that I use in my icon buttons. This approach would have to do for now, until I finalize if and how I should implement SVG icons in complex web apps.


  • Parabol - For managing kanban boards. Another intention with this tool is to tie meetings to meeting minutes, and then onto a graph-based product documentation (in increasing orders of abstraction). And speaking of graphs..
  • Obsidian, Roam Research - For idea-writing and building tightly interwoven knowledge graph. This became an area of huge interest to me in the last two years. More on this in a blog post before the end of 2021 with my learnings.
  • Spreadsheets - For SSNiF work, and for quick and dirty data manipulation and analysis. Still an underrated resource to me while working on product, and I don't see this being replaced anytime soon.
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Ganesh Iyer is a product and design leader, operating under the trade name of Skeptic Acid Labs in Toronto, Canada.

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